Bilissco is a Wellness and Spa is known for the best facilities they provide. The main ideology of Billisco was to provide a design that gives a calm, faithful, mild, and peaceful belief to their audience. Their Design Brief elaborates on an idea that states Positivity, Wellness, Simple, and very clean design. The primary keywords were - Mild, Soft, Positive, Spa, Wellness, Calm, Simple, Clean.


The background checks were made to ensure appropriate and professional designs. In the beginning, the design started with many objects like Initials, Wings, etc. Then, the idea of implementing a bird peacefully souring was ignited. Using a single design resulted in a multi-conceptual one. Basic Structure of Logo included a multi-colored bird. The Typography was a peaceful message conveying design representation. The design was afterward held for the best suiting fonts to check with. To have a positive and motivational result, the design was tested with simple as well as unique fonts but later slim text in it made the design look like a positive and motivating one.

Numerous colors were tried like Peach, Green, etc. to add a jewel to the design but couldn't synchronize with the design. The colors situated were shades of Pink, Yellow, and Blue. As it was also con1veyed to use color which provides a kind feel, it was planned to implement the colors of the three. The colors represented Positive, Motivation, Good, Soft, and Creative background.

The design conveys an ideology of proper, calm nature and softness in it. The design containing the colors provide a sweet and professional outlook. The design placement is presented to clarify the service appealingly and exceptionally.