Clazara provides premium ethnic wear services. Its main industry standard is 'Fashion'. The Design Brief had clients requirements of a Premium, Classy, and Unique design. The primary shortlisted keywords were - Ethnic, Classy, Premium, Fashionable, Unique, Clean, Professional.


Fashion and Premium related background was researched and designing started with multiple engagements like ethnic figures, dress, initial, etc. The idea of presenting a peacock in the design was suggested and after several tries the design outlook resulted in a Peacock presenting letter 'C' which also signifies to 'Clazara'. The structure of the initially based peacock was then finalized. Further engagement was helpful for appropriate colors to present the logo onto.

As Clazara signifies ethnic and premium wear, the colors were too, followed accordingly. The Peach color with radial effect was concluded after multiple color implementations. The Peach color theorized empowerment, beauty, professionalism, and premium high-end audience.

The font in the design was requested to look distinguished and appealing. The same ideology was forwarded and presented professionally. The simple font with appropriate spacing seems even more catchy and distinguished from the design. As the Typography of the design included the letter 'C' shape, appropriate colors we're filled in. The completed design conveys Luxury, Premium service yet Classy and unique design.