Project initiated by Delioners Business Solutions was an aim to have an epic design with royal and high-end outcasts. Its main industry aspect is 'Business & Consulting'. Delioners had provided a Brief with an idea where the designers were supposed to use a strong standing, bold, royal, and acknowledgeable design.

They were free to use any objects or elements leading to the best outlook. Some of the essential and Primary Keywords were - Strong, Sharp, Motivated, High-end, Royal, Bold, Strategy, Wisdom, and experienced.


The project took off with the base form to present some monumental and strong structures, wordmarks, initials and vintage designs, etc. One of the provided samples was a Lineart design. The design included the facial structure of a Lion. The lion indeed is referred to as the King of the jungle and is best when it comes to the survival of the fittest. The same way the design was presented to appeal the audience with intelligence, wisdom, and dignity.

As the design was shortlisted, few variations on the design were expected. After countless efforts and tries, a design was presented which was a complete linear design using the Front part of the lion and including a crown over it. The design could not fit with light colors as it was a bold and strong established design. Later, the shades of dark were put-on which added a jewel to the design. The designated colors were visualized as trustworthy, high-end, professional, and powerful. The font too wasn't much of variations and presentations the font was finalized after a few attempts as it was necessary to make it look a royal and acknowledged one.

The main idea that the lion figures dominate is the firm's wisdom, their power of knowledge, their expertise, strong and determined decisions, and delivery of the best to the audience.