Eatobit has a background in providing food delivery and takeaway services. Eatobit's main industry standard is into 'Food and Drinks'. As Eatobit was further planning to go with fruits and grocery business so, according to their Brief, they believe in observing a design that is healthy, organic, fresh-looking, minimalistic and easy to use on any background. The Primary Shortlisted keywords were - Fresh, Organic, Delivery, Food, Minimalistic, Initial, Ordered.


After the research into the Food Delivery and Food takeaway businesses, the project began with multiple illustrations like Fruits, Basket, Vegetables, Cart, Delivery figures, etc. Later, a design including Fork and a Leaf above it was designed. The design was an Orange with an encircling Fork figure adding Leaf on the top. After several revisions, the design was modified to Letter 'e' as the Fork and a Leaf at the top. The design was finalized as the Typography including Leaf and Curved Fork.

Filling colors and bringing the design into life was an essential task. As the brief, an attempt was done to provide appropriate shades to the Fork. The Leaf, to keep it simple and fresh, was filled Green. The Fork was later, colored to Orange so that it would show resemblance with Orange fruit and would have a healthy and fresh outlook.

As the design was important to represent on printable backgrounds and places, the font was to be kept simple attractive. So, after multiple tries, the font with two colors was a good option. It was then finalized to proceed with the completed design. The main message conveyed by the design was Eatobit's business vision and was a playful, healthy, appealing, organic, fresh, and minimalistic design. The designed concept is appropriate to the foody audience.