Empirizo is a Premium Watch Brand. It delivers premium accessories to its audience. Empirizo's main industry is 'Fashion'. Following the Brief idea, Empirizo intended to get a design that is Monochromatic, easy to use and engrave on desired places, gives a luxurious feel, and if possible shall overview initial 'E' in the design. The primary shortlisted keywords - Monochromatic, Initial, Geometric design, Simple, Luxury, Premium.


The background check process depicted various symbols, icons, and initial designs. The idea was to construct the design using Icon, Initial and premium outlook. Numerous designs like Crown, Initial 'E', Clock figures, etc. were used. A premium monochromatic design was presented that had a Clock figure and Crown in it. The design went through countless variations. A theorized typography was finalized that contained the clock modified to Initial 'e' also representing as a Clock outlook. The crown was modified accordingly and placed at the top.

As the design was supposed to be monochromatic, the Pitch Black color was a perfect choice. To keep the design appealing, luxurious, premium, and easy to engrave, a simple font was situated into it. The font would match the design in terms of dimensions, alignment, etc. The Pitch Black color made the design an eye-catchy one to choose from as it identifies attentiveness, a symbol of professionalism and expertise. A message is conveyed by the design concept that motivates the audience and urges them to be simple, classy, and hardworking.