Gentleman's Martini Lounge has a Background of providing restro-bar services. Its main Industry standard is 'Foods & Beverage'. The Design Brief had the client's aim to achieve a High-end audience appealing design. The idea was conveyed to provide a design that has a premium, gentle, relaxing, and luxurious feel in it. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Lounge, Restro-Bar, High-end, Luxurious, Professional, Premium, Appealing, Martini, Gentlemen.


Several appealing and premium with high-end living business background searches were initiated. The design started off with several implementations like a Wine glass, Bottles, Gentlemen figures, Wordmarks, etc. Later, the idea of using a Wine Glass with Bowtie, Lapel, and Martini in it was visualized.

A Glass of Martini and Bowtie-Lapel pair has its own unique and Luxurious concept. Basic Structure of Logo then, included the Wine glass with suit structure around it and Martini presented using negative spacing. The Typography was a Premium look and High-end Gentlemen's representation. The design was then proceeded for an appropriate font. In order to provide the design a Premium and Luxurious look, multiple font options were placed but the free-flowing font would fill the best look to the design.

The Colour implemented was the same as Martini and dark shades for Suit design. It was organized to highlight Martini and the Suit structure in the design with appropriate color and alignment. The colors represent a sweet, mild, and valuable luxuries towards the audience. The Martini color, in the design, represents a faithful and an expected feel.

The design conveys an ideology of professionalism, high-end living, relaxation in it. The design containing Martini Glass is visualized for peaceful pleasure and enjoyment. The suit structure around it is presented to clarify the service in a premium way.