Horse Power Business Consulting has a Background of providing business consultation services. Its main Industry standard is 'Business and Consulting'. The Design Brief had the client's objective to achieve a good relationship with the audience via an appealing design. The idea was conveyed to provide a design that has a motivated, quick, and strong nature in it. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Fast, Professional, Exceptional, Best, Motivation, Energetic, Statergized, Powerful, Business.


After background research attempts and overviews, the design started with figures like Growth, Globle, Business figures, etc. Later, the idea of using a Horse (with Fast, Strong and Exceptional characteristics) in it was visualized by the designer. Using a lightning symbol in it created a revolutionary and unique concept. Basic Structure of Logo then included the Head of a Horse and the symbol of Lightning in it. The Typography was now a Motivated, Fast processing and Strong business representation.

The design was then proceeded for numerous fonts to check with. In order to proceed with the design with a Strongly established outlook, a bunch of font options was tried again and again but. later the Bold and Regular text combination made the design stand apart from the crowd. The colors situated were shades of Yellow. As it was also conveyed to use color which provides a warm feel, it was planned to radiate the shades of Yellow with the alignment. The colors represented Positive, Motivated, Warmth, and Creative background.

The design conveys an ideology of proper and well-organized work, high accurate solutions provider, motivation in it. The design containing Horse with Lightning is visualized for Quick, Empowered, and Support. The design alignment is presented to clarify the service in an exceptional way.