Magic News is a blog which provides its audience with various blogs on Magic Tricks, upcoming Magic events, etc. Their main industry-standard was 'Entertainment & Arts' The blog was created by a group of professional magicians.

The client's Design Brief encourages the achievement of a unique design that not only speaks their moto but also appeals to the visitors. The Primary Shortlisted keywords were - Magic, Blog, Entertainment, New, Magician, News, Entertainment, Wand.


At first, various vlogs and our references were surfed through. Then, various objects like Rabbit, Cards, Hat, Clowns, etc were tried to be implemented. After countless designs and concepts, the concept of using a Magician's Hat was created. The magician's hat is easy to spot and can be recognized. As they were delivering blogs to their audience, an idea of using newspaper (most relevant way of delivering updates about your surroundings) and emerging it with the magician's hat was something out of the box.

After the design was implemented, the Typography included an outlook of a magician's hat with a round folded newspaper inside it. The font selection had vast criteria and was later planned to create a custom object in the design. The magic wand was requested by our client to be incorporate and to synchronize the design, the letter 'i' was designed as a Magic Wand. Multiple color shades like Black, Navy Blue, etc were tried.

Later, to appeal to the audience and to get an extraordinary looking design Shades of colors like Violet and Purple were presented. The presented design was successfully finalized in the first attempt itself. The font too seemed more playful with the design and colors. In the final presentation, the design now speaks and represents its services indirectly and efficiently.