The Project was placed by MessageBox Film Productions. MessageBox Film Productions has a Background of providing production services. Its main Industry standard is 'Entertainment & Arts'. The Design Brief had their target to receive a good design for the audience that speaks their service.

The idea was conveyed to provide a design that has a motivation, looks good in first impression and kind nature in it. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Kind, Message, Faithful, New, Impressive, Eye-catchy, Camera, Film, Motivation.


In the beginning, the essential background of the industry was verified and then, the design proceeded with many objects like Initials, Film Reel, Mailbox, etc. Then, the idea of implementing Message, Reel, and Camera was ignited. Using all of the three figures in a single design resulted in a multi-conceptual design. Basic Structure of Logo included a 3Dimensional outlook as an outer portion of a Box. The Typography was a Message conveying design representation.

The design was afterward held for the best suiting fonts to check with. To have a positive and motivational result, the design was tested with simple as well as unique fonts but later the filmy text in it made the design look like a positive and motivating one. The colors situated were shades of Yellow and Black. As it was also conveyed to use color which provides a kind feel, it was planned to implement the colors of Yellow with Black. The colors represented Positive, Motivation, Good, Attentive, and Creative background.

The design conveys an ideology of proper and strategized lead, good and faithful content provider, motivation in it. The design containing Message Box, Reel, and Camera for Mild, New, Supportive outlook. The design placement is presented to clarify the service in an appealing manner.