Music Factory has a Background of providing music production services. Its main Industry standard is 'Music'. The Design Brief had client's requirment of a design that is easily identical and simple. The idea was conveyed to provide as per their industry-standard which conveys the name and service directly. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Factory, Music, Production, Notes, Production, Simple, Industrial.


Initially, the background with regards to the Musical industry was made. The design started with several instruments like Piano, Music Band figures, Drumset, etc. Later, the idea of using a symbol with respect to Company Name was sparked.

Music Factory's Logo was then modified using the Piano keys to make it more instrumental and simple. Basic Structure of Logo then, included The Piano Keys, a Factory structure and outlooking design. The Typography was simple, elegant, high-end and easy to spot design. The design was then proceeded for an appropriate font. In order to provide the design a simple look, multiple font options were viewed but the simple bold font would synchronize the best to the design. The design looked even unique when a random musical note was placed on letter 'i'. The Colour implemented was 'Black'. It was theorized to highlight Music and a factory structure as per audiences' point of view. The simple Black colour represents timelessness and value towards the audience.

The design conveyes an ideology of professionalism, good ans trustworthy services and prestige. The design containing Factory building is visualized for Strong establishment and perfect ideas. The musical note and piano keys is presented to clarify the service in an unique manner.