The project was originated by Pineapple Holiday Homes. Pineapple Holiday Homes is was a recent Startup Business of providing vacational homes to its audience. Its main Industry standard is 'Travel and Hospitality'.

The Design Brief had the client's aim to achive a high-end audience and an appealing design. The idea was conveyed to provide a design that has relaxing, calm, refreshing, worthy of praise. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords were - Vacation, Time, Travelling, Relaxing, Calm, Refreshing, Faithful, Appealing, Easy.


The vacational and travelling industry background research was done successfully.The design started with implemeting with several implementations like Palm trees, Island, Huts etc. Later, the idea of using a Hut was finalized. A hut in shape of a Pineapple has its own unique and refreshing concept. Basic Structure of Logo then included the a Pineapple shaped Hut. The Typography was a simeple hut structure and an upper part of half cut Pineapple representation.

The design was then proceeded for an appropriate font. In order to provide the design a good refreshing look, multiple font options were placed but the simple font with constant spacing would fill the best look to the design. The Colour implemented was Blue in a Light Aqua shade to provide it a mordern feel and vacational look. It was organized to highlight the pineapple and the hut structure in the design with appropriate colour and allignment. The colours represent a relaxing, calm, refreshing, worthy of praise service for the audience. The Blue colour, in the design represents a faithful and an holiday feel.

The design conveyes an ideology of calm, high-end living, relaxation in it. The design containing Hut structure is visualized for peaceful pleasure and enjoyment.