The concept was designed for TurtoPure. TurtoPure has been serving its audience for water-purification services. The main industry standard is 'Water Purification'. The design brief reflected a requirement of Water, Pure, Simple, and Unique. The Primary Shortlisted Keywords then, was - Water, Unique, Simple, Attractive, Fresh, Pure, Drinkable.


First, the background research for the logo and shortlisted keywords were organized. Multiple concepts were presented such as Water droplets, Purification figures, etc. TurtoPure refers to a design which signifies, their name, and service directly. The ideology then, was visualized for the design, and water droplets were engaged to create a design that resembles with the Name and assured service.

A turtle figure, which is referred to a Pure, calm creature with a habitat of freshwater has been represented using the water droplets of different sizes and shapes. The Typography of this design includes the Water Droplets and the Turtle figure outlook. The colors were filled in the first attempt as Aqua Shade of Blue. As per the design color and concept, the design signifies a trustworthy, attentive, secure, and pleasant experience for the audience.

As the tagline suggests, Drink the best, it was essential to keep the design attractive and simple. A simple font would resemble with the design effectively. The concepts convey positivity, trust, security, resembles with the name and service, business moto and is easy to spot.