The business has an experience of about 19 years in the field of spa and aesthetics. 19 Years ago, the name wasn't appealing to the audience and later the purpose of rebranding their business was conducted. The central industry-standard of Bilissco is 'Spa & Aesthetics'. A requirement of a name that should be soft, mild, elegant, calm, and a service reflector was proposed. The important keywords to be noted were: bliss, faithful, calm, new, elegant, spa, aesthetic.


The design brief was monitored and the names were conceptualized and presented. One of the suggested names was Bilissco. Bilissco is a name that revolves around the idea of soft, elegant, mild, professional, and faithful. A perfect name that was a service speaker for the audience was finalized. Bilissco is a name that is blissful and sounds heavenly. Bilissco has a concept in the name itself of Bliss and a calm environment.