Brickwings is a business conducted by two visionary architects and businessmen. Brickwings had been into the construction of high-end houses and infrastructure. The business's industry standard is into the 'Construction and Real Estate'. Brickwings had a requirement of a name suggestion which was heavenly, warm feeling provider and shall suit their business. Some of the keywords: brick, mild, supportive, heavenly, homes, real-estate, high-end- luxurious.


The suggestions were made and filtered as per the audience targeting and were presented. Brickwings name and its concept were presented. Brickwings is a name that signifies 'Brick' as the most important and inseparable part of construction so, the name contains 'Brick' in the beginning. The name was then overviewed and considering the inputs, 'Wings' was conjoined to the name. The word 'Wings' here, represents the supportive nature of the business, heavenly, and motivates the audience to aim higher.