A company that provides professional, logical, and strategies for the business had arisen by a team of professional businessmen. The firm has been providing the best business solutions to its audience since 2002. with an industry standard of 'Business & Consulting'. The firm had a requirement of a name that is strong, meaningful, established, and professional to sound. Some of the major key words developed were: strong, business, consulting, established, meaningful, strong, professional.


Primarily, the name was suggested that had energy, motivation, and concept behind them. After considering the inputs of the client, the names resulted and 'Delioners' was one of the suggested ones. Delioners' name has been inspired by the 'King of the Jungle', a Lion. A lion is an animal that is considered to be the right decision-maker, a fit survivor of the wild, and a king of its environment. The 'De' in the name is depicted from the words like Diligent, Defensive, etc. The name signifies the business as support, strong, established, and right decision-maker as well as a professional in its aspect.