Empirizo is an apparel & accessories brand. The main industry-standard of Empirizo is 'Fashion'. Empirizo's design brief, back then, promoted an idea of a name that shall depict their brand, should be professional and high-end one. Empirizo is a brand of manufacturing into high-end and luxurious watches and accessories. Some notable keywords were: Unique, luxurious, high-end. apparel, accessories, watches, professional, emperor, elegant.


The names were invented and filtered with regards to the brief and the keywords. The name shortlisted, out of all the names was 'Empirizo,. Empirizo is a name that has been conceptualized from the words 'Emperor' and 'Zone'. The name suggests the emperor's zone in the name that reflects the high-end, elegant, luxurious, and a unique concept. An emperor is a one who is a royal, strong, perfect decision-maker and respected for their post. Empirizo is the name that is identical to the same characteristics and hence is a professional, well-developed brand.