An educational sector in the business stream highlights positivity, motivation, and awareness to the audience. Infication is a business that deals with the 'Education' sector. The brief visualized an idea of a name that sounds authentic, generic, positive, and should provide an idea of education importance as well as can be used on a global basis. The generated keywords for the names were: global, education, awareness, important, generic, positive, authentic.


The name suggestions were presented that had a complete resemblance to the design brief. Few of the suggested names were shortlisted and the backgrounds were rechecked and confirmed. The most supported and voted name was Infication. Infication was a conceptual name that was developed from words Infinite and Education. The name provides an awareness of the importance of education in the name. Infinite education is essential for growth in life. Education is learned through the entire life of an individual in every aspect. The clarification and representation of the business vision are presented in the name that uniquely appeals to the audience.